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The Way of The Pine

I grew up all around the Utah and Salt Lake counties since my family moved quite a bit. My mother worked at Costco and my father was in the military. They divorced when I was four, and I stayed with my mom. Growing up, it was my mom, my two younger sisters Alexis and Brett, and myself.


I was quite the active child, participating in baseball, basketball, soccer, football, track and field teams. I joined band and played the saxophone, acted in theater, and had other interests. 

However, I didn't have many friends and was even bullied in my younger years. So I found comfort in movies and TV shows, especially in video games. My interests in fantasy and sci-fi grew from there.

To this day, I am still a nerd at heart and am happy to see nerdy things becoming more and more mainstream. 

My experiences and hobbies influenced what I wanted to do with my life. First, I wanted to be a hero based on the cartoons I watched. Then I wanted to be an actor, as well as write and direct films. 

As I grew older, I saw the world around me more and more. It was full of hate and fear; greed and corruption. People complained about the leaders and how our government, society, and life was being ruined. It was making it less possible to live comfortably. After years of observation and thought, I decided to step up and do something about it. 

List of Platforms

Campaign Law


Tax Reform



Criminal Justice



Equal Rights






Energy and Environment

Constitutional Law

Civil Rights



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Nikki Ray Pino


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