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Where I Come From

I was born in Provo, Utah. I lived here most of my life, only leaving to pursue film studies at a California university. My parents are Nikki Ray Pino and Launa Lynn Renstrom. I have 3 younger sisters: Alexis, Brett, and Aubrey. I am single, never married, and have no children. 

Wisdom And Knowledge

I have a lot of passion to do the right thing and that is what brings me here. So why should I  be elected?

We all have different points of views, beliefs, and opinions. We are all unique. Through our experiences, we are each made valuable.  What I have gone through in my life - the things I've learned - will make me more than qualified for the position. As you get to know me, I hope you can see that I am not only what this state needs, but also what they want in a governor. 


Fight The Power

We the people. Such simple and yet powerful words. Ones that have many implications when it comes to who we are and what we do to define ourselves. 

As a people, we united together to create a better world for everyone. A place where everyone has a chance to chase their dreams and live in peace; a guarantee to health, happiness, and the pursuit of freedom. 


However, the base instincts of Man crept into our democracy. Greed, power-hoarding, fear mongering, and corruption has dominated the hearts and minds of many of our leaders.

The Powers that be distract us and divide us with lies and manipulations to keep us from seeing what they are doing. Taking advantage of us and using us for their own means. They want us to believe we have no voice, no strength to fight; that the power the People once had to dictate their own futures is out of their grasp.


Yet we still have that power to take our own lives into our hands and decide what to do with it. 

It is time for us to pull the wool from our eyes and take our place at the precipice of history.  We the People need to unite once again. To put aside our differences, our hatred, and our mistrust. If we are to succeed in saving ourselves from ourselves we need to trust one another, respect each other, hold ourselves to a higher standard, and take the fight to those that would see us suffer and die all for the mighty dollar. 

Our potential is great and within our capability to achieve. Do not let evil break us. Hold your heads high. Let us use our power to Fight the Power that would see us fail.

Nikki Ray Pino


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