Updated: Feb 7

Utah is growing faster than we can keep up; instead of being reactive, we need to be proactive.

Utah's growth and population is estimated to almost double in the next twenty to thirty years. However, we are just playing catch up to the influx of people moving here. Having an increased population will result in more traffic, a higher cost of living, and reduce available jobs. Unfortunately, we are already crowded.

Our current course of action is too slow and too narrow in perspective of the projected growth. We need to take a step back and analyze how to adapt by changing the never-ending construction.

By switching from constantly adding to the I-15 Freeway to focusing more on mass transit we can solve a lot of our transit problems.

Public Transportation Is The Future.

First, we end the current freeway development plans to an appropriate conclusion. Next, we take that money and start funding more buses, trams, and trains. Lastly, we start a new large project that will bring the biggest and most effective means of transportation: an underground subway system that spans multiple counties.

With this in place, we can reduce traffic, reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, improve the economy, and make daily trips easier and more convenient. Imagine going from Orem to Salt Lake City without sitting in traffic. Maybe even while enjoying a good book.


Nikki Ray Pino


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