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Updated: Apr 8

Our environment is precious and all inclusive. We need to understand that interacting with our land, water, and air doesn't just affect plants and animals, but it affects us, too, because we're all connected.

Right now in Utah we are facing many environmental issues. Our air is being filled with exhaust and chemicals that are making it difficult to breathe. Our water is drying up at an alarming rate. Our land is being poisoned by trash, industry, and carelessness.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to fix. If we want our conditions to improve, we need to start making things better now.

It will be a collective effort for us all to contribute to creating legislation to prevent issues and heal damage already done. It will be up to the individual to hold responsibility for their own actions.

What do we need to do?

Since there are so many things to discuss, it will take a lot of research and effort to appropriately make progress.

However, the basics would be to put funding into a more robust recycling program statewide. We need not only large companies, but individual homes to have an easier time recycling. There needs to be tougher legislation that makes sure companies can't pollute our water and air. A better public transit program will reduce car traffic and thus emissions. By expanding resources into alternative energy sources like wind, hydro, electrical, and one day even nuclear are all avenues worth exploring to make our state better.


-If we create a course that is required for Utahns, it will be free, but something similar to training, education, and receiving a card that will allow them to be certified and take responsibility when managing campsites or during hikes and other leisure activities.

-Create a volunteer group/government funded program, that will go around and clear out dry brush from areas.

-Increase funding to the Parks and Rec department, giving them more resources to help protect and clean our forests, early detection, more manpower, better equipment, etc.

-Increase funding to our fire departments to have more staff on hand, better and more equipment, and increased training and response time.

Alternate Energy:

-More electric car charging stations.

-Encourage the accessibility and affordability for using solar panels on homes and other buildings.


-Put more regulations on companies to go green and possible criminal charges for malicious dumping/polluting any type of environment.

-Create grants and incentives to individuals and companies to develop and invent more effective fuel sources and means of travel.


-Create a more comprehensive program that is accessible and available to everyone and is similar to programs in other countries.


-Improve our mass transit system to have more buses and trams, create a subway system, and develop cross county and state railways. This will create jobs, improve the economy, reduce traffic and emissions, be affordable and more widely accessible.


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