Updated: Apr 8

Our education system doesn't actually prepare us for the real world.

Utah's education spending ranks the lowest in the country. We focus too much on standardized testing that only teaches us how to take tests. Our funding shrinks every year, we lose teachers, class sizes grow, and students get left behind.

This can be fixed with a few simple changes. Obviously, we increase funding to hire more teachers and reduce class sizes, adapt our teaching strategies to help those struggling, and update our curriculum for the modern era.

If we make a few small changes to how we educate our children they will grow to become smarter and wiser than us.

Overhaul the Education System from Top to Bottom.

The information needed to improve our curriculum can easily be added to the core subjects. Things such as how to vote and register to vote, how to pay taxes, what interests rates and loans are, how to budget, mental health, sex education and dating etiquette, how to interact and cooperate with law enforcement, and the powers and responsibility of the government and the public.

These seem like a lot of things, but they are necessary real world knowledge that kids aren't being taught.

By implementing these changes, we can ensure we are building a better foundation for the next generation so that they will be better off than the previous one. I want our children to not only be smarter than we are, but wiser too.


Nikki Ray Pino


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