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Drastic and necessary changes need to be made to our healthcare system. It is run as a business and puts profit above life.

There are many things in this world that are run as a business with the main goal of making profit; our health care system should not be one of them. A complete overhaul from the ground up is necessary. Combining medicare-for-all and private insurance would be a good start to making a better system.

Specific things that need to be addressed are the opioid crisis, mental health recognition and support with insurance, and the bias women face in the medical field and in getting proper treatment.

If we work together and cooperate, we can find a solution that works for everyone and provides the best service for the public.

This is a large and complicated subject that needs to be simplified with less red tape and less bureaucracy.

I have had struggles with healthcare and insurance in my own life and it has proven frustrating and ridiculous. The way insurance companies determine what they do and do not cover, the billing process, and the expense that makes many people afraid to get checked because they can't afford it.

The idea of paying insurance is a concept most people understand. You pay a little bit so that should something bad happen, you will have help. However, the insurance companies don't want to give up their money, so they sometimes fight against the claim, saying that it isn't covered in that plan. My idea would be to combine a few options to remake our healthcare.

First, we make it so that people are guaranteed 100% coverage, no matter what: no pre-existing conditions, no denying certain procedures, no excuses. Then we make it so you pay for coverage based on your income, the lower your income, the less you pay for everything, making it much more affordable for people while maintaining the medical industry, not making the population dependent on the government, people won't go into debt because of bills, life saving prescriptions will be covered and can't be jacked up in price for no reason, and many more additions.

I suggest a plan like this because we don't want a population that is solely reliant on the government in any way. We have seen in history certain civilizations and countries struggle and fail when this is the case. The government should not have complete control over our lives, our freedoms, or our health because both the people and the government will find ways to take advantage of each other.


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