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Updated: Apr 8

It is important to be able to have clear communication when it comes to sharing ideas and working with others. When it comes to the government and its people that line of communication is even more important. Right now, elected officials aren't communicating effectively to the people they're supposed to represent. I want to improve the relationship between the public and the government by creating a simple means of information exchange.

By using the level of technology we have at our disposal, we can easily and clearly explain in detail how we can improve our state and communities.

With the internet and cell phones, websites and apps, I want to provide full access to knowledge and information the public can use to know what is going on in their city, county, and state government.

Government or 3rd Party Platform

My idea is to create an app interconnected with a website and social media. Utah citizens can access it simply by logging in; they will be updated with local policies and bills currently on the docket in their own city, county, or state.

One would put their address and either a drivers license or social security number in the system. With just an address, the citizen can view the information directly affecting their local city. With a drivers license or social security number, they are identified as registered Utahn voter. As such, their voice will be heard at that level of government via the interaction available in the program.

For example, if you live in Midvale, you can log in to the app and see that your local city council is going to vote in a week on a bill to put a stop sign at 3rd and state, replacing the street lights. You can then mark whether you support or reject the bill and see how many people also input their opinion. The Midvale city council would also see this information and know the people's opinion and can then make a decision accordingly.

This works just as well for the people. If the majority voted to decline the bill, yet the city council passes it anyway, you know that your representatives aren't listening.

The same can be done for your county and the state. With this implemented as an app people can easily access, we can dramatically improve our communication and how the public and government connect.

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